Vibrant and Playful Spring Makeup Look to Embrace the Fun, Bold, and Colorful Vibes by Hung Vanngo


In this article, makeup artist Hung Vanngo shares a fun and bold colorful spring makeup look. Vanngo is known for his expertise in creating stunning makeup looks for celebrities, and this time, he brings his talent to the world of colorful and vibrant spring makeup.

To start off the look, Vanngo emphasizes the importance of prepping the skin. He recommends using a moisturizer to create a smooth base for the makeup. This step is crucial in ensuring that the makeup lasts longer and looks flawless throughout the day.

For the eyes, Vanngo suggests using bright and bold colors to achieve a playful and vibrant look.


He suggests using a yellow eyeshadow as the base, followed by blending in pink and purple shades on the outer corners of the eyes. To make the eyes pop even more, Vanngo suggests applying a shimmery gold eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes. This technique adds depth and dimension to the overall look.

Moving on to the cheeks, Vanngo recommends using a creamy blush in a coral or peach shade to create a fresh and youthful appearance. He suggests applying the blush on the apples of the cheeks and blending it out towards the temples for a natural and seamless finish.

Next, Vanngo focuses on the lips.


To keep the focus on the eyes, he suggests using a nude or light pink lipstick. This subtle color allows the eyes to take center stage while still giving the lips a touch of color.

To complete the look, Vanngo shares his secret for achieving a dewy and glowing complexion. He suggests using a highlighter on the high points of the face, such as the cheekbones, brow bone, and cupid's bow. This step adds a luminous sheen to the skin, creating a youthful and radiant appearance.

Overall, Vanngo's colorful and bold spring makeup look is all about embracing vibrant and fun colors. By following his tips and techniques, anyone can achieve a playful and fresh makeup look that is perfect for the spring season. Whether you are heading to a special event or simply want to experiment with colorful makeup, this look is sure to make a bold statement.