Star Wars Actress Replaces Gal Gadot As Wonder Woman In Stunning DCU Fan Concept Art


Adria Arjona is being envisioned as the new Wonder Woman in James Gunn's DC Universe, as shown in exciting fan concept art. Arjona gained worldwide fame for her role as Bix Caleen in Andor.

 With the cancellation of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman 3, the future of the character in the DCU remains unknown. Reportedly, the entire cast of the DCEU's Justice League will be replaced in the new DCU, indicating that a recast for Wonder Woman is imminent.

Concept art shared on Twitter by artist @21xfour gives us a glimpse of Arjona's potential Wonder Woman look in the new DCU. The art showcases Arjona in a suit reminiscent of Gadot's, with the addition of white stars on the hero's skirt as a homage to Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman costume from the comics.



In the new DC Universe, the portrayal of Wonder Woman will differ from the DCEU. James Gunn's DCU has not announced a standalone Wonder Woman movie or any other project featuring the character's debut. However, this does not mean that Wonder Woman's introduction isn't being planned.

By delving into the character's rich history, the new DCU seems determined to create a Wonder Woman universe where Diana Prince and her supporting cast can shine. Through the exploration of her origins and connection to the Greek Gods, the DCU intends to fully highlight aspects of Wonder Woman that were not thoroughly explored in the DCEU.