Mike Flanagan Needs To Make Our Horror Dreams Come True With 1 Adaptation After Recent Netflix Success


Mike Flanagan's recent Netflix success with proves that he must finally make our horror dreams come true with one adaptation. Flanagan's is a unique adaptation that borrows elements from nearly every and short story and spins them with contemporary themes surrounding class divides and capitalism. Similar to the horror auteur's previous works like , combines the supernatural with gripping psychological themes to create an unsettling experience for viewers.

However, unlike his previous shows, risks making nearly all its characters unlikeable and morally ambiguous. While this approach could have backfired, the show's success proves that Mike Flanagan has mastered the horror genre and should continue exploring new and creative avenues of storytelling in the future.


Given how he has already adapted the works of several renowned horror authors, like Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, Shirley Jackson, and Henry James, it is about time he brought the chilling tales of another classic horror writer to the small screen.

Mike Flanagan Should Adapt HP Lovecraft's Stories

Since Mike Flanagan has succeeded at adapting Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe's works, he should consider traversing HP Lovecraft's cosmic horror stories to the small screen. After all, Lovecraft was heavily influenced by Edgar Allan Poe and even called him the "


" while the King of Horror, too, has often credited Edgar Allan Poe and HP Lovecraft as his inspirations. Adapting Lovecraftian cosmic horror in the audiovisual storytelling medium can be a little tricky because of the incomprehensible nature of its central entities and the non-linear timelines of its storylines.

However, Mike Flanagan's impressive line of work proves he can do it. Unsurprisingly, Flanagan has previously shown interest in the horror author's works by confirming (via ) that he would "" His producing partner, Trevor Macy, also agreed and added that "" their executives. A few and


have successfully instilled HP Lovecraft's eldritch horrors through the audiovisual storytelling medium. However, the horror subgenre remains unexplored on the small screen, giving Mike Flanagan the perfect opportunity to bring something novel to the table with his next show.

An HP Lovecraft Story Would Be The Perfect Fall Of The House Of Usher Prequel

Interestingly, has created the perfect setup for a Lovecraftian prequel show. The Netflix show's character, Arthur Gordon Pym, is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's


. In the series, Roderick Usher tells Dupin that when he was much younger and experienced hardships they could not imagine. His description of Pym's adventures is based on the exploits of the titular character in Edgar Allan Poe's

HP Lovecraft's short story, , draws inspiration from Poe's and even explicitly quotes him. Like Poe's short story, also has an Antarctic setting and explores themes of isolation and existentialism. Since has already established that the events of Edgar Allan Poe's are a part of its lore, its prequel could combine the narrative elements of and the Poe short story to walk viewers through Arthur Gordon Pym's terrifying Transglobe Expedition experiences, exploring how he first met Verna at the North Pole.