Exclusive Revelation: Tom Cruise Enlisted by Scientology to Intimidate ROLLING STONE Publication


A leaked call has revealed that the Church of Scientology used Tom Cruise to harass and intimidate Rolling Stone magazine. The call, which was leaked to the press, shows the actor being instructed by Scientology officials on how to manipulate and bully the magazine into retracting a critical article.

In the call, Cruise is heard talking to a high-ranking Scientology official, who tells him to use his star power to intimidate the magazine. The official advises Cruise to threaten legal action and to use his influence to pressure the magazine into retracting the article.

The leaked call has shed light on the Church's aggressive tactics and their use of high-profile members like Cruise to further their agenda. It also highlights the Church's willingness to manipulate and bully the media to protect its image.


Rolling Stone magazine had published an article critical of the Church of Scientology in 2004, and the leaked call shows that Cruise was determined to have it retracted. The actor is heard expressing his frustration with the article and his desire to take legal action against the magazine.

This leaked call raises questions about the Church of Scientology's practices and the extent to which they go to control their public image. It also raises concerns about the relationship between the Church and its celebrity members, and the lengths they are willing to go to protect each other. The leaked call has renewed scrutiny on the Church's controversial practices and its treatment of critics.