Curious about Underwater Megaliths? Find answers in UnchartedX's engaging Q&A session!


UnchartedX, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to exploring ancient civilizations and mysteries, recently held an exciting Q&A session addressing various intriguing topics. One of the main subjects discussed was the presence of underwater megaliths, among other intriguing questions.

Megaliths, massive stones used in ancient constructions, have been discovered in various parts of the world. However, there have been claims of underwater megaliths, which has raised curiosity among enthusiasts. UnchartedX shed light on this matter, revealing that while some suggestive formations have been found underwater, there is no concrete evidence proving their artificial origin. These formations could potentially be natural rock formations, and more research is required to determine their true nature.


Additionally, UnchartedX provided responses to other intriguing questions. One question addressed the possibility of advanced lost civilizations, such as Atlantis or Lemuria, existing in the past. The channel acknowledged the allure of such theories, but emphasized the lack of scientific evidence supporting their existence. However, it is worth noting that our understanding of ancient civilizations is continually evolving, and new discoveries may reshape our current understanding of history.

Other topics discussed in the Q&A included ancient cataclysms and their potential influence on civilization, as well as the role of sound and resonance in ancient structures. UnchartedX encouraged viewers to remain curious and open-minded while exploring these captivating subjects, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and evidence-based research.

Overall, the UnchartedX Q&A session provided thought-provoking insights into the fascinating realm of ancient mysteries, reminding us of the importance of continually seeking knowledge and understanding.