Exploring Ancient Technologies Worldwide: A Fascinating Interview with Christopher Dunn!


In a recent episode of the UnchartedX podcast, host Ben answers questions about ancient high technology with special guest Christopher Dunn. The main topic of discussion is the existence of advanced ancient technology found around the world. Dunn, an engineer and author, is an expert in ancient technology and has spent years researching mysterious architectural marvels.

One of the key points made by Dunn is that ancient civilizations possessed a level of technological knowledge that is often overlooked. He argues that the precision and sophistication seen in ancient structures, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, indicate the use of advanced tools and techniques that were far ahead of their time.


Dunn also discusses the phenomenon of ancient megalithic structures, such as Stonehenge and the Easter Island statues. He suggests that these massive stone blocks were not only transported over long distances but also precisely carved and fitted together. This challenges the conventional belief that ancient civilizations lacked advanced engineering skills.

Dunn further explores the concept of ancient power generation and utilization. He proposes the idea that ancient civilizations may have harnessed natural energy sources, such as water and sound, to power their cities and machines. This hypothesis is supported by the findings of sophisticated hydraulic systems and acoustic resonance chambers in various ancient sites.

Overall, the conversation between Ben and Christopher Dunn sheds light on the fascinating world of ancient high technology. It challenges the conventional understanding of ancient civilizations and encourages further exploration and research into this intriguing topic.