"She continues to hold a grudge": Nicole Kidman Hated Royal Family Member for Her Massive Crush on Tom Cruise Even After Getting Divorced


Nicole Kidman is a feisty woman. She has had quite a flourishing career as an actress in Hollywood and was the wife of perhaps the biggest star ever, Tom Cruise. Their chaotic marriage has been the subject of tabloids since then. Kidman is an interesting character and is quite a strong-headed woman who is supremely talented and has a beautiful megawatt smile.

However, it was once revealed that she was super jealous of Princess Diana, who reportedly had a crush on her former husband, Tom Cruise. The late Royal had a tragic divorce with King Charles, who was then Prince of Wales.

Their sweet marriage came to a catastrophic end, which eventually led her to her premature death.


Princess Diana is one of the prettiest and most famous women to ever live, which makes Kidman's jealousy understandable. However, much to her relief, nothing between her and Cruise materialized.

Nicole Kidman Hated Princess Diana For a Shocking Reason

Nicole Kidman is no stranger when it comes to stealing the limelight. She is perhaps one of the most loved and celebrated stars in Hollywood. Kidman has portrayed several prominent, groundbreaking, and influential roles. The Batman Forever actress was married to Tom Cruise, whom she first met in 1990 on the set of their shared movie Days of Thunder.



The former couple got married the same year and announced their split in 2001. While Cruise has charmed millions of fans, one of the British royal family members developed a crush on him, which enraged his ex-wife Kidman with jealousy. According to reports, Darren McGrady, who is now a former cook at Buckingham Palace, once revealed that Princess Diana had a crush on the Top Gun star.

How Did Nicole Kidman's Ex-Husband Meet Princess Diana?

Princess Diana initially met Tom Cruise in 1992 at the premiere of the Western romantic adventure flick Far and Away, in which he starred next to his then-wife, Kidman.


Judy Wade, the author of Diana: The Intimate Portrait, claimed that the princess had a crush on a Collateral movie star. He penned,

"Well, that explains why Nicole Kidman turned down roles with Diana every time and wasn't happy that her best friend Naomi Watts accepted. Nicole continues to hold a grudge, even though she divorced Tom, and the woman who posed a threat died."