Tom Cruise Reportedly Skipped Oscars 2023 as He Was Too Insecure To See His Ex-Wife Nicole Kidman Kiss New Husband Keith Urban


Unlike his Hollywood career, Tom Cruise hasn't garnered much success when it comes to his love life. Despite being involved in three marriages over the years, every one of them has suffered the same fate, with him ending up partying ways with his partners. However, amongst all of his three marriages, the strongest was the one with Nicole Kidman. As the duo was together for over a decade before they parted ways.

However, despite not being in touch for years, it seems that Nicole Kidman might be the reason behind Cruise's absence from 2023's Oscars. As reports claim that the actor was allegedly uncomfortable to come across his ex-wife, as she is currently engaged to Keith Urban.


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Nicole Kidman was reportedly the reason behind Tom Cruise's absence from the Oscars

One of the major mysteries in 2023's Oscars was the absence of the industry's biggest movie star, Tom Cruise. Even though his movie Top Gun: Maverick was nominated in several categories, including the prestigious Best Picture nomination, the actor's decision to not attend the Academy Oscars came out as surprising.

Among various speculations that are surrounding the Top Gun: Maverick star's reasons behind his absence from the ceremony, one recent report suggests that it might have to do with his ex-wife.


Following The Daily Mail's new report, it appears that Nicole Kidman was the reason behind Tom Cruise's decision to not attend the 2023's Oscar ceremony. A source told Daily Mail,

"Tom was not there because she was there, and he did not want a run-in."

However, this report was later debunked by another source close to Tom Cruise, stating that his reasons for not attending the Oscars weren't personal at all. With fans speculating the reason behind Hollywood's biggest star's absence, many believe that it might have to do with him not getting a nomination for Best Actor.