A 'Bridgerton' Star Is Joining Next Year's 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special

There have been regarding the upcoming , which will feature the return of as the newest iteration of the Time Lord, with three special episodes coming on November 25. Apart from that, will soon see the light of day once the upcoming 14th season oflong-running series hits Disney+ on Christmas day. With the official Christmas Special title, "The Church on Ruby Road," already out in the open, returning showrunner Russell T. Davies revealed that actress will be joining the universe, though fans may have to wait a little longer.

The actress, whom many fans may recognize as Clare Devlin in and , also made a brief appearance as Diplomat Barbie in the 2023 fantasy comedy film, alongside Gatwa as Ken. Now, audiences will (not so soon) see the two work together yet again for . In an interview (via ), Davies confirmed that Coughlan will star in a special episode. He said, “Nicola Coughlan at Christmas — not this Christmas, next Christmas. We’re shooting Christmas 2024 now.”

While it will take over a year before audiences can see Coughlan in a still undisclosed role in , Tennant and will return for 60th Anniversary specials in just a few weeks, with Gatwa's introductory episode premiering on December 25. The actor will star alongside Millie Gibson () as the new companion, Ruby Sunday.

Ncuti Gatwa’s Journey Through Space and Time Is Both Historic and Significant

has long been praised for its enduring appeal and ability to maintain its momentum since its debut on the BBC in 1963. Though celebrated in many ways, the long-running series lacks proper . But that's not to say didn't try. In 2017, 's Bill Potts became the show's first openly gay companion despite being introduced late in the series. Clearly, the show's queer representation needed some refinement, and Gatwa's casting as the 15th Doctor was a historic and important feat for the show.

In addition to being the first Black Time Lord, Gatwa is also the first openly queer Doctor. A major win for diversity, this version of — which will reportedly embrace queerness — has been long overdue, but a change in direction that is certainly needed. By all means, the upcoming 14th season of is a queer affair we didn't know we needed. Besides the openly queer main lead, Season 5 and Season 7 winner Jinx Monsoon and 's will also join the series in still-unknown roles.