The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Poppy Hospitalized After Near Overdose


Li had always been adamant about keeping her family away from the Forresters and their fictional town of Los Angeles. It was for good reason, as Li's worst fears were realized when she discovered her sister, Poppy, in the hospital after a near overdose on pills. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal the shocking development that leaves Li surprised, yet not shocked.

Family secrets are common, but this was one secret that Li desperately wanted to keep hidden. Poppy's pill-popping habits had landed her in the emergency room, causing concern for Bill Spencer. However, Poppy assured him that she only took the pills to alleviate her anxiety.


Li wished for Bill to believe this facade, but she couldn't contain her fury when the truth was exposed.

Li's anger stemmed not only from the fact that her sister struggled with drug addiction, but also because Poppy's actions put Luna's future at Forrester Creations at risk. If Poppy didn't seek help or go to rehab, she would continue down a dangerous path of self-destruction. Fortunately, someone who could potentially be a hero in this situation was Bill Spencer, who had developed feelings for Poppy. She needed someone to save her, as her life was hanging in the balance. Ignoring the problem was no longer an option for Li.


She had to intervene and take action before she regretted it for the rest of her life.

As The Bold and the Beautiful continues, viewers will have to tune in to discover the outcome of this gripping storyline. The show airs on weekdays on the CBS network, so check your local listings for exact times.

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