Unveiling Marjorie Harvey's Intricate Manipulation Techniques Disclosed by Michael B Jordan


In a recent interview, actor Michael B. Jordan shared insights into Marjorie Harvey's manipulation skills. Jordan, who is the boyfriend of Marjorie's stepdaughter, Lori Harvey, revealed how Marjorie expertly manipulates everyone around her. He described her as someone who knows how to get what she wants by being extremely persuasive and charming.

Jordan elaborated on Marjorie's ability to read people and understand their weaknesses, which she then uses to her advantage. He stated that Marjorie has a gift for making people feel comfortable and at ease, which allows her to gain their trust. This trust, according to Jordan, is crucial in manipulating others.


The actor also highlighted Marjorie's knack for orchestrating situations to her advantage. He stated that she is skilled at creating scenarios where people feel compelled to do what she wants. Jordan explained that Marjorie is able to control the narrative and make it appear as if everything is happening naturally, when in reality, she is the one pulling the strings.

Furthermore, Jordan praised Marjorie's intelligence and ability to adapt to different situations. He highlighted her ability to analyze and understand people's motives, which enables her to craft her manipulative tactics accordingly.

Overall, Michael B. Jordan's interview shed light on Marjorie Harvey's manipulative nature and her ability to manipulate those around her through charm, understanding, and careful orchestration of situations.