Unveiling Wendy Williams' Tactics: Outsmarting Kevin and Sharina in the Ultimate Game


In a recent interview, television host Wendy Williams opened up about her past experiences with infidelity and revealed how she cunningly played her husband and his mistress against each other. The story centers around Williams' husband, Kevin Hunter, and his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson.

Williams admitted to knowing about her husband's affair for over a decade, but instead of confronting him or getting a divorce, she decided to take a different approach. She shared that she would purposefully dress up and wear expensive jewelry to gain her husband's attention, knowing that it would make him jealous and potentially drive a wedge between him and Hudson.


The talk show host shared that her strategy was successful as it resulted in tension and conflict between her husband and his mistress. She explained that she would often escalate the drama by sending expensive gifts to herself from her husband, making it seem like he was trying to win her back from Hudson.

While some may view Williams' actions as manipulative or playing games, she defended her approach as a way to defend herself and protect her marriage. She expressed that she had used her knowledge of her husband's weaknesses to her advantage, ultimately regaining control in the situation.

Williams is known for her outspoken and controversial nature, and her recent revelation adds another layer to the ongoing speculation surrounding her marriage. Despite the ups and downs, she seems determined to protect her image and keep her personal life private, stating that she is now focused on being a better person and reinventing herself.