“No Mera No Money”: Aquaman 2 Poster Humiliates Amber Heard, Johnny Depp Fans Celebrate

Since the trailer of has arrived, DCEU fans have been speculating that Amber Heard’s role as Mera in the movie is seemingly redundant due to the controversies surrounding her personal life and trials against Jhonny Depp.

As is almost here, a fresh poster of the movie has generated a buzz among fans. Many wish to see Amber Heard in the poster whereas some barely care. And we wonder if this is gonna divide Aquaman fans as supporters and haters for Heard’s role after all the controversies she’s been surrounded by.

The Aquaman 2 Poster Seems To Humiliate Amber Heard

Seems like is going to be extraordinarily thrilling as it has already created a buzz in the entire world with a new poster that has completely ignored Mera or ‘s presence in the movie. There were speculations already since the trailer was out that barely showed Mera and with this new poster, it is quite evident that ‘s film won’t be focusing much on Heard’s character.

Heard’s limited screen time as Mera seems to be a piece of good news for ‘s fans as they confidently celebrated it more after this new poster arrived. However, not every fan is against Heard and expressed their concern over the actress’s role irrespective of the personal controversies. According to the post fans have shared their opinions:

These tweets were enough to witness how Depp’s fans don’t care even if Amber Heard is in Momoa’s movie or not, and on the other hand Amber Heard’s fans are running a hashtag for a new poster which includes Mera along with Aquaman.

Aquaman 2 Storyline Was Never Planned For Amber Heard’s Mera

Well, this has been made clear since the sequel was announced that it will focus on the relationship between Aquaman and his brother Orm, even the director also revealed that his original plan for this sequel was always about Jason Momoa and ‘s characters. While speaking in the latest edition of, via () Wan said:

“It’s fair that [Heard] said that [about the character being pared down], because she wasn’t in my head as I was working on this movie. Actors don’t necessarily know what we [directors] behind the scenes are thinking about. But this was always my plan. From the start, I pitched that the first film would be a ‘Romancing The Stone ‘-type thing — an action-adventure romantic comedy — while the second would be an outright buddy comedy. I wanted to do ‘Tango & Cash!”

Wan explained his plan after Amber Heard claimed during her defamation trial that Warner Bros. cut her role down because of her legal battle and didn’t want to focus much on her role. However, James Wan clarified that was always planned as instead of Mera and Arthur’s love relationship.

will hit theatres on December 22, 2023.