Lori Harvey Opens Up about Being Involved with Diddy and Trey Songz's Dating Lives


Lori Harvey, a well-known model and stepdaughter of comedian Steve Harvey, has finally broken her silence regarding rumors surrounding her romantic relationships with music mogul, Diddy, and singer Trey Songz. The young model has been in the spotlight recently due to her rumored involvement with both men, which prompted public speculation and curiosity.

In a recent interview, Harvey opened up and addressed the swirling rumors head-on. While she acknowledged that being in the public eye comes with a certain level of scrutiny and speculation, she wanted to clarify the situation. Harvey emphasized that she has never been in a romantic relationship with either Diddy or Trey Songz.


Harvey explained that she has known both men for many years and they are all part of the same social circle. These connections created a false narrative, suggesting romantic involvement. The model expressed her frustration at the misconceptions that arose from the innocent act of spending time with friends.

According to Harvey, the rumors significantly impacted her emotions and mental health, leading her to prioritize self-care. She explained that the constant gossip and judgment have taught her to guard her personal life more closely and focus on her own happiness.

In conclusion, Lori Harvey has dismissed the circulating rumors surrounding her alleged relationships with Diddy and Trey Songz. Despite the false narrative, she remains committed to taking care of herself and maintaining her personal happiness amidst the public scrutiny.