THE HUNGER GAMES - Sneak Peek "Until We Meet Again"


The article discusses a clip titled "See You Soon" from the movie "The Hunger Games." This clip depicts the emotional farewell between two characters, Katniss Everdeen and Primrose Everdeen. The scene takes place in District 12, where the Hunger Games are about to commence.

In the clip, the two sisters express their love for each other and share a heartfelt goodbye. Primrose presents Katniss with a small pin, known as the Mockingjay pin, as a token of good luck. This pin holds significant meaning in the movie, as it becomes a symbol of hope and rebellion.

The scene also highlights the contrast in their emotions - with Primrose being scared of the impending Hunger Games and Katniss trying to reassure her.


However, underneath her brave facade, Katniss is also terrified. They promise to take care of each other, and Primrose asks Katniss to come back home.

The clip showcases the strong bond between the two sisters and also foreshadows the challenges that lie ahead. It sets the stage for the viewers, building anticipation for the intense and thrilling Hunger Games tournament.

Overall, the "See You Soon" clip from "The Hunger Games" provides a poignant and emotional glimpse into the relationship between Katniss and Primrose as they face the daunting journey of the Hunger Games together.