Scarlett Johansson Beats Robert Downey Jr as World’s Highest Grossing Lead Actor: Tom Cruise is Just 6th on That List


It is finally time for a female actor to rule the roost in Hollywood. Marvel star Scarlett Johansson entered Hollywood at a very young age as a child actor and then made the seamless transition into a very successful actress who embodied the perfect balance between beauty and talent. Along with critically acclaimed roles, Johansson also signed up for a lucrative gig in the MCU as Black Widow.

While the star has been one of Hollywood’s most financially successful stars, she now has created history of sorts by overtaking her male counterparts.


Johansson has taken top honors in a recent list of 10 highest-grossing actors in lead roles in Hollywood, beating out the likes of Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Cruise for the win.

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10. Chris Evans

It is no surprise that Chris Evans features in the list of top-grossing actors in 2023. The Marvel star who has become synonymous with his character Captain America, has been the lead star in 29 films which have globally made $11,277,890,989 billion.

While Evans has done a range of roles, his most successful film in terms of being the biggest earner at the box office was


9. Bradley Cooper

The multifaceted Bradley Cooper who is also an MCU star like Scarlett Johansson, comes in at number 9 in the list of highest-grossing lead actors in Hollywood.

The Oscar nominee has played the main protagonist in 28 films which have made a worldwide collection of $11,275 037,103 billion. Cooper’s biggest earner at the box office was through his appearance as Rocket Raccoon in

8. Chris Hemsworth

Another MCU star who features in this coveted lineup is Chris Hemsworth.


The star has not only had a very successful contract with Marvel as the God of Thunder but has also made a whole slew of successful blockbuster films which have in total earned $11,959,862,470 worldwide through 27 films as a lead actor.

As is the case with Chris Evans and Bradley Cooper, went on to make the most money at the box office for Hemsworth.

7. Vin Diesel

True blue action stars can never be far behind in the race to the top, and Vin Diesel has ensured that his entertaining and fast-paced genre of cinema will always stake its claim to be noticed.


The star has played the lead protagonist in 28 films that have reportedly grossed $12,094,641,073 globally.

This figure though, is yet to be formally confirmed. Interestingly, Diesel’s highest-earning film isn’t from franchise, but through his popular Marvel appearance as Groot in

6. Tom Cruise

With unprecedented superstardom and blockbuster success over the years, it is only natural that the charismatic star features in this list. However, it is surprising that the star is only in 6th position among the top-grossing actors considering the number of lead roles that he has done.


In 43 appearances as a main star, Cruise’s films have grossed a total of $11,777,319,499 billion at the box office, with his biggest earner expectedly going to

5. Chris Pratt

At the halfway mark is another successful Hollywood star who has also benefitted greatly from his successful Marvel gig. Along with his MCU appearances at Star Lord, Pratt has also generated big money through his films with a worldwide collection of $13,930,412,487 in 23 films as the main lead.


though, proved to be his biggest success in terms of box office collections.

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4. Zoe Saldana

It’s only fitting that Zoe Saldana features in the top-grossing actor’s list of 2023. From her marquee role in Avatar, to entering the MCU as Gamora from , Saldana has proved that she is a bonafide blockbuster queen.

The celebrity has made 31 appearances as a lead actor with her films grossing $14,240,098,353 billion worldwide. Her biggest and most successful film in terms of box office collection is an absolute no-brainer,


3. Robert Downey Jr.

Coming in just ahead of Saldana in third place is Robert Downey Jr. The charismatic actor has regaled audiences as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in the MCU, making him the highest-paid actor in the franchise.

Downey Jr. has also done a gamut of interesting lead roles in 44 films of various genres apart from his MCU gig which has resulted in a global collection of $14,863,065,910 billion. A lot of that financial success is due to his MCU gig, with taking top honors at the box office.


2. Samuel L. Jackson

Occupying the silver position in the list of highest-grossing actors, is one of Hollywood’s veterans, Samuel L. Jackson. There is no role or character that the actor has not attempted in a glittering career that has seen him play the principal protagonist in a staggering 66 films, including the most number of MCU appearances by an actor.

The star’s total global collection from these films is $14,376,505,937 billion with his most successful film being


1. Scarlett Johansson

Beating out a whole bunch of male superstars and A-listers to take top spot in the highest-grossing lead actor’s list, is . Having begun her career as a child star in the 90s, Johansson catapulted to fame through her smart film choices that showcased not just her stunning beauty, but also her acting talent.

In 33 films as a female actor in a lead role, Johansson has grossed an impressive $14,973,199,748 billion worldwide, with her top earner being . Her win among many male superstars on this list is a heartening sign for female actors to dominate in Hollywood.

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