Did a COMPUTER Aid in the Creation of this Artifact??


According to the title of this article, it poses a question of whether a computer was utilized in the design of a certain artifact. The article seeks to explore the possibility of computer assistance in the creation of this object.

The artifact in question appears to be of ancient origin, dating back to the prehistoric era. Experts have discovered this object, which is a piece of cave art, within a limestone cave in Indonesia. The artwork is a depiction of hunting scenes and was believed to have been crafted by early humans around 44,000 years ago.

The incorporation of a computer in the design process of an artifact from such an ancient time period seems unlikely.


However, recent research has indicated the possibility of human-like hand stencils within the artwork being created by utilizing hand stencils that were computer-generated.

Researchers have compared the characteristics of the hand stencils found in the cave art to computer-generated hand images, discovering that they share similarities not found in natural human hands. This indicates the use of a tool, like a computer, in the design process.

While the results of this analysis are not conclusive, they raise interesting questions about the capabilities of early humans and their potential utilization of advanced tools.


The use of a computer in the design of an ancient artifact challenges previous assumptions about the skills and creativity of our ancestors.

Further research and analysis will be necessary to definitively confirm whether a computer was indeed used in the creation of this artifact. Nonetheless, this discovery highlights the potential for ancient humans to have possessed advanced technological knowledge and pushes the boundaries of our understanding of their capabilities.