Graham Hancock's Fascinating Insights Unveiled on the UnchartedX Podcast! Exclusive #Shorts Preview!


Renowned author and explorer, Graham Hancock, is set to appear on an episode of the UnchartedX Podcast! An intriguing trailer, titled #Shorts, has been released, hinting at the fascinating topics that will be explored during the conversation.

Graham Hancock is widely known for his research on ancient civilizations and his alternative theories on human history. His groundbreaking books, such as "Fingerprints of the Gods" and "Magicians of the Gods," have captivated readers around the world and challenged conventional views.

The UnchartedX Podcast, hosted by Jim Vieira, delves into the mysteries of our past, seeking to uncover the truth behind enigmatic ancient sites and lost civilizations.


The show has garnered a loyal following for its thought-provoking discussions and expert guests.

The released trailer, cleverly titled #Shorts, provides a sneak peek into the upcoming episode featuring Hancock. Although the trailer is brief, it promises an engaging and insightful conversation between Hancock and Vieira. Viewers can expect a deep exploration of Ancient Egypt, hidden archaeological discoveries, and the possibility of ancient advanced civilizations.

The UnchartedX Podcast has built a reputation for delivering high-quality content and for featuring esteemed guests from various fields.


Graham Hancock's appearance on the show is highly anticipated by fans of alternative history and ancient mysteries.

As the trailer concludes with a cliffhanger, viewers are left eager to dive into the full episode and unravel the fascinating insights that Hancock will undoubtedly offer. The episode is expected to provide a platform for Hancock to discuss his latest research and share his perspectives on human history and the mysteries of ancient civilizations.