Tom Holland's Birthday Troll on Zendaya: The Reason Behind His Prank Unveiled


Spider-Man actor Tom Holland recently revealed the motive that led him to play a prank on his co-star Zendaya during her birthday celebrations. The British actor decided to pull off the prank while on set for their upcoming film, Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Holland explained his mischievous act during an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The 25-year-old actor shared that he and co-star Jacob Batalon had planned to celebrate Zendaya's birthday in a unique way. They decided to troll her by posting fake spoilers about the movie on social media.

The Spider-Man star stated that they knew fans were eagerly anticipating updates about the highly anticipated film.


So, they thought it would be hilarious to get fans' hopes up with fake spoilers. However, Holland emphasized that they did not intend to deceive anyone seriously. They just wanted to make Zendaya and the fans laugh.

Holland, Batalon, and Zendaya had previously pranked fans in the past through fabricated titles for the upcoming Spider-Man film. Holland admitted that they enjoyed surprising their fans with these playful acts.

Zendaya's birthday prank began with Holland posting a black-and-white photo of the pair's characters, Peter Parker and MJ, in an intimate moment. The caption simply said, "Happy Birthday Zendaya.


" The post drew immense attention from fans who started speculating about the possible implications of the image.

The actor further explained that his intention was to mislead fans into believing that the photo was related to the film's plot. In reality, the image had no connection to the movie whatsoever. Holland confessed to having ulterior motives, exclaiming that it was fun to mess with fans' heads.

Although the prank was initially aimed at Zendaya, Holland revealed that she eventually learned about it through their group chat. However, just like their previous pranks, the co-stars were simply having a good laugh and enjoying each other's company on set.

This candid admission by Tom Holland sheds light on the playful dynamics between the Spider-Man cast members. The actors' close bond and their willingness to engage in light-hearted pranks contribute to an enjoyable and supportive working environment.