Savage Roasting of David Miscavige and Tom Cruise Steals the Show at Golden Globes 2023


At the 2023 Golden Globe Awards, both David Miscavige and Tom Cruise faced severe criticism and mockery. The ceremony provided a platform for celebrities to joke about the controversial Church of Scientology and its leader Miscavige. The night began with host Ricky Gervais playfully referring to Cruise and his involvement with the church. Gervais stated that Cruise wasn't present at the event because he was "too short" to reach the microphone. This quip received both laughter and applause from the audience.

Later in the evening, other prominent figures took aim at the church and its practices. Presenters and award winners openly mocked Miscavige, portraying him as an authoritarian leader and making references to the alleged mistreatment of church members.


One presenter even sarcastically claimed that she was afraid of going missing if she criticized the church.

The comedic jabs received mixed reactions from the audience, with some finding them entertaining and brave, while others expressed discomfort with the jokes targeting a controversial religious institution. However, the aim of the night was to entertain, and the comedic roasting of Cruise and Miscavige added a humorous element to the event.

The Church of Scientology has long been a subject of intense scrutiny and criticism, with multiple documentaries and exposés examining its practices and alleged abuses. While some argue that the jokes at the Golden Globes serve as a form of resistance against the organization, others question the appropriateness of mocking people's religious beliefs in such a public setting.