Tom Cruise Shuns Grant Cardone, His Fellow Scientologist


Tom Cruise, a well-known actor and prominent member of the Church of Scientology, has reportedly snubbed his fellow Scientologist, Grant Cardone. The snub occurred during an event where both Cruise and Cardone were present. However, Cruise appeared to ignore and avoid any interaction with Cardone.

Cruise is known for his strong loyalty to the Church of Scientology and is often seen as a prominent figure within the organization. Cardone, on the other hand, is a successful businessman and motivational speaker who has also publicly expressed his affiliation with the Church.

The snub has raised eyebrows within the Scientology community as it is unusual for members to ignore or avoid one another.


The incident has led to speculation about a possible falling out between the two individuals, although the exact reason for Cruise's behavior remains unknown.

It is worth noting that both Cruise and Cardone have made considerable contributions to the Church of Scientology over the years. Cruise is known for his financial support and promotion of the church, while Cardone has used his platform as a motivational speaker to spread the teachings of Scientology.

In conclusion, Tom Cruise's snub of fellow Scientologist Grant Cardone at a recent event has sparked intrigue within the Scientology community. The reason for Cruise's behavior is unclear, leading to speculation about a possible rift between the two individuals.