The Bold and the Beautiful:Ridge finally tells all about the CPS call!


In a recent interview, Ridge Forrester of the hit soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful" finally opened up about the CPS (Child Protective Services) call that had been a topic of intense speculation among fans. The beloved character, portrayed by actor Thorsten Kaye, shed light on the controversial storyline and its implications.

In the interview, Ridge revealed that the CPS call was not intended to harm anyone but was motivated by a genuine concern for the well-being of his son, Douglas. The character had made the call out of desperation and a belief that Douglas was in danger under the care of his ex-wife, Dr.


Taylor Hayes.

Ridge's act of making the CPS call was driven by his fear for his son's safety and a struggle to do what he felt was right as a parent. He emphasized that his love for his children was his ultimate priority, and he admitted to the difficult decision he had to make in order to protect Douglas.

This revelation from Ridge about the CPS call provides insight into the character's complex and often tumultuous relationships on the show. It adds another layer to his ongoing feud with Taylor and showcases the lengths to which he is willing to go to safeguard his children's well-being.

The interview with Ridge sheds light on the motivations and emotions behind this controversial storyline, giving fans a deeper understanding of the character's actions. It offers a glimpse into the complexity of family dynamics and the lengths parents will go to protect their children. The emotional connections between characters continue to drive the engaging and dramatic narrative of "The Bold and the Beautiful."