Chris Pine Has No Interest In Rejoining Marvel And DCU After One Of The Biggest Box Office Disasters With Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 2

Since Marvel and DC are the only big players in the superhero cinema genre of the film industry, we seldom see the stars that have worked with either production work with the other. Chris Pine, however, is one of the rare actors who have managed to be part of both the cinematic powerhouses in his career.

Portraying Steve Trevor in the DC’s series as well as voicing Peter Parker in , the star has been on both ends leaving his mark. But when asked whether he would like to work with the productions in the future if the opportunity arises, all he had to say was a simple no without much explanation.

Chris Pine Will Not Work With Marvel Or DC In the Future

Actors who actively work with both Marvel and DC are almost unheard of, which is what makes such an exceptional star in the industry. Having worked with two of the biggest driving forces in cinema today is not something that just anyone can boast of. On top of that, the projects he had worked on were commercial and critical blockbusters, which further added to his reputation.

However, it seems like his days working on superhero films are over since he recently opened up about not being interested in working with the aforementioned franchises anytime soon.

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In a recent interview with for his upcoming Disney animated feature he was talking about what the audience can expect from the film. Here, when asked whether he would be interested in returning to working with Marvel and/or DC for another or film with , or both, he simply replied with a

While he didn’t elaborate on why this was the case, many fans assume that he has either lost interest in superhero cinema after the critical and box office disappointment that was , or he has decided to work on indie or standalone projects for the foreseeable future.

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Why Stars Refuse To Work With Marvel Or DC Despite Their Successful Runs

While he may be the most recent star who has declined the opportunity to work with any major comic book film productions in the future, he’s not the first one to do so, as many other stars who had been part of either franchise had declared the same statement.

The major reason for most of the quotes is the extensive multi-film contracts that Sony, Marvel Studios, or DC Films make them sign, which locks them with one single production for a very long time. Along with that, becoming the face of an iconic character means that they don’t have any headroom to create their original identity as a talented actor.

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