Fair Play Trailer: Workplace Romance Is A Battlefield For Bridgerton & Solo Stars

The new trailer for Netflix's has arrived. The upcoming thriller, which was written and directed by Chloe Domont (, ), stars 's Phoebe Dynevor and 's Alden Ehrenreich. They play a newly engaged couple whose relationship is threatened when they begin to compete for a promotion at the hedge fund where they work.

has released the newest ahead of the movie's official streaming release date on October 6 (after a limited theatrical premiere on September 29). Check it out below:

The trailer opens by establishing the happy couple's home life, while revealing that they must keep their engagement under wraps because dating coworkers is against company policy. However, when the promotion is offered to Dynevor's character Emily, their love sours as the trailer ratchets up the tension, cutting between their work and home lives as the increasing danger and intrigue drives a wedge between them.

This Is Alden Ehrenreich's Year

As this new trailer shows, Phoebe Dynevor and Alden Ehrenreich are well-suited sparring partners, playing against type in this intense romantic thriller. However, in addition to giving Dynevor another meaty role on Netflix after her departure from the , is giving Ehrenreich another chance to shine in 2023. The rising star has been offered the opportunity to show off his range in a variety of widely different projects over the course of the year.

The star first cut his teeth on roles in a variety of widely regarded movies, including , , and . However, starring as a young Han Solo in the universe complicated his career trajectory somewhat, as was a commercial disappointment. That may have been one of the factors that led him to only hold one onscreen acting role - on the miniseries - between 's release in 2018 and 2023.

However, 2023 has seen the star come roaring back to the screen. In addition to playing a memorable role in the horror comedy hit , Ehrenreich was part of the massive ensemble as well as being announced to be a major cast member in the upcoming Marvel series . is the cherry on top of a banner year that has allowed the actor to prove what a wide variety of roles he is capable of playing.