Queen Charlotte's Connie Jenkins-Grieg: How The Actress Could Get Her Own Bridgerton Spinoff

Connie Jenkins-Grieg gives such a memorable performance as a young Violet Ledger in she could easily star in her own spinoff. is a prequel series to Shonda Rhimes' hit Netflix series and while it primarily follows the rise of a young Queen Charlotte (India Amarteifio), the show explores several , such as King George III (Corey Mylchreest), Lady Agatha Danbury (Arsema Thomas), Brimsley (Sam Clemmett), and of course Violet Ledger (Connie Jenkins-Grieg).

While a potential since it was only intended to be a miniseries, the success of the show could lead to the development of other spin-offs that focus on different characters. The events of could even possibly affect a potential storyline in season 3 involving Violet and Lady Danbury. Hailed for their diversity and steamy scenes, both and have been huge successes, and the demand for spinoffs has skyrocketed. And one character whom Rhimes is seriously considering for a potential spinoff is the young Violet.

Connie Jenkins-Grieg Played A Young Violet Bridgerton (Née Ledger)

Connie Jenkins-Grieg plays a younger version of Violet Bridgerton. While the young Violet's role in is much smaller compared to the show's main cast, the series still does an excellent job showcasing what a young teenage Violet was like before she married Edmund (Rupert Evans) and became the Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton. also focuses on Violet's relationship with her parents, unveiling that while she had an uneasy relationship with her mother, she had a much stronger and happier relationship with her father, who often made hats for the young Violet.

Additionally, when comparing Jenkins-Grieg's performance with that of Ruth Gemmell's portrayal of the character in , the two very much complement each other as both provide their own spin on Violet without having each version clash against each other. Considering that she is much older in , Gemmell does an excellent job portraying Violet as a fiercely protective and loving mother while Jenkins-Grieg excels at showcasing a much younger, enthusiastic, and energetic teenage version of the character.

Will Young Violet Get Her Own Bridgerton Spinoff?

While creator Shonda Rhimes has not confirmed whether any other spinoffs are in development, she did hint that she is very passionate about the idea of working on a story centered on Violet and that she would be very interested in that being the possible next spinoff. When speaking about Rhimes said, "." (via ) However, whether this Violet spinoff will happen is still unclear, but hopefully, its development will be confirmed soon.