A ’90s Superhero Franchise Has Enough Amount Of Crazy To Revive Johnny Depp’s Career: It’s Not Marvel Or DC

Almost like a magician, Johnny Depp can transform into any character on a whim, and leave his audiences dumbfounded with his mesmerizing portrayals. Known best for his versatility and the remarkable acting range he possesses, Depp is counted among the world’s most talented actors.

However, the star seems to have had a fallout with the film industry ever since his highly publicized legal troubles with ex-Amber Heard. Now, back on track to continue his remarkable career, there is one 90’s superhero franchise that is just perfect enough to revive his career. And it isn’t Marvel or DC, but the celebrated franchise.

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The Mask Franchise Can Help Johnny Depp Revive His Career

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‘s career took a toll ever since his troubles with ex-wife became known to the public. The actor soon lost many of his projects and was fired from his famous  role as well as from the franchise. Now after winning his defamation case, and fan support, the actor seems to be taking it slow and was last seen in the historical French drama .

Now back on track, seems to be the perfect franchise with the right amount of fan flare and eccentricity to help the actor revive his fallen career. The starrer franchise has a massive amount of fan following thanks to comic books, video games, and two independent movies.

Even though the second movie, which unfortunately did not star Carrey, and was a major commercial disappointment, the ‘mask’ in itself possesses enough popularity to strike audiences’ interest. Coupled with the huge fan following of the star, the combination would be enough to jump-start Depp’s career once again, reminding everyone what a wonderful actor and performer he is.

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Johnny Depp Is The Perfect Actor For The Mask Reboot

For years fans have been campaigning for a reboot of the super-hit franchise. While it would not be easy to recreate Jim Carrey’s on-screen magic, if any actor is brave enough and talented enough for the opportunity, it is only Johnny Depp.

Known for his insane physical transformation, emotional range, and versatility, the actor can successfully carry the franchise forward, especially since he has a knack for making even reinterpreted roles his own. Depp is famous for how he delves deeper into his characters, allowing for a reinterpreted and reimagined Stanley Ipkiss.

Furthermore, it is not necessary that the storyline must follow the original one, for thanks to the plethora of source material the reboot can feature any story, even opting for a darker storyline just like the original comics.

While Johnny Depp starring in reboot is just a theory, it is a fact that he is one of the only actors in Hollywood who would be more than perfect for the job.

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