Fingerprints Collected in Court: Possible Suspects in XXXTentacion's Murder Case


The suspects involved in the murder of XXXTentacion had their fingerprints taken during a recent court hearing. The judge ordered the suspects to undergo this procedure in order to compare their fingerprints to those found at the crime scene. The judge believed that this step was necessary to gather more evidence and potentially strengthen the prosecution's case.

The murder of the popular rapper, XXXTentacion, occurred in June 2018 in Florida. He was shot and killed during an apparent robbery outside a motorcycle dealership. Four suspects were arrested and charged in connection with the crime.

During the court hearing, the defense attorneys argued against the fingerprinting, claiming that it violated their clients' constitutional rights.


However, the judge ruled that it was a necessary step in the investigation and that the suspects' rights had not been violated.

By comparing the fingerprints found at the scene with those taken from the suspects, investigators hope to establish a direct connection between the suspects and the crime. Fingerprints are commonly used as valuable evidence in criminal investigations, as they can link individuals to specific locations or objects.

The fingerprinting process is a crucial step to gather more evidence and build a stronger case against the suspects. It is part of a broader effort by law enforcement officials to ensure a thorough investigation and bring justice to the murdered rapper.

Although the article does not provide information about the suspects' reaction to the fingerprinting, their cooperation during this procedure will be crucial to determining their involvement in the crime and securing a conviction.