XXXTENTACION - Automaton (Official Audio)


XXXTENTACION has released a new song titled "Manikin" as part of his posthumous album, "Skin". The track features dark and haunting lyrics, showcasing XXXTENTACION's unique style and emotional depth.

"Manikin" is a raw and introspective song that delves into themes of isolation, pain, and the struggles of being human. The lyrics provide a glimpse into the artist's mind, with lines like "I'm a mannequin, I'm a mannequin / Living life in a fantasy, I'm a mannequin" conveying a sense of detachment from reality.

The song's production is atmospheric and captivating, with eerie melodies and heavy bass creating a somber mood.


XXXTENTACION's vocals are filled with raw emotion, adding an intense and personal touch to the track. His delivery is both vulnerable and powerful, making "Manikin" an impactful listen for fans and newcomers alike.

"Manikin" is a testament to XXXTENTACION's ability to express his innermost thoughts and emotions through his music. Known for his genre-blending style, he effortlessly merges elements of hip-hop, rock, and emo rap in this song, creating a unique and captivating sound.

The release of "Manikin" comes amidst the ongoing release of XXXTENTACION's posthumous music. The album "Skin" showcases a compilation of unreleased songs, providing fans with an opportunity to continue connecting with the artist's music even after his passing.


The title "Manikin" is symbolic, representing the idea of feeling like a lifeless figure on display, devoid of true emotions or connections. This sentiment resonates with XXXTENTACION's own struggles with mental health and the battles he faced throughout his life.

In summary, "Manikin" is a powerful and emotionally charged track by XXXTENTACION. The song delves into themes of isolation and pain, offering listeners a glimpse into the artist's mind. With its haunting production and raw lyrics, "Manikin" showcases XXXTENTACION's unique style and ability to create music that resonates with his audience.