Intimate Confessions: Henry Cavill and Russell Crowe Dish on On-Screen Passion | Graham Norton Show

The article discusses a segment from The Graham Norton Show featuring actors Henry Cavill and Russell Crowe. The two actors share their experiences and thoughts on filming sex scenes and kissing in movies.

During the interview, host Graham Norton asks Cavill about his experiences with sex scenes, particularly in his role as Superman. Cavill admits that filming those scenes can be awkward, as there are often a lot of people on set and it is not a truly intimate situation. However, he tries to approach it professionally and focuses on the technical aspects of the scene. Cavill jokes that it is important not to think about his grandmother watching the scene and tries to detach himself emotionally.

Next, Norton turns to Crowe and asks him how he feels about filming sex scenes. Crowe amuses the audience by saying that he usually tries to make his co-stars as comfortable as possible by giving them helpful advice like reminding them to remove their socks before the scene. He then explains that he takes a more practical approach during these scenes, treating them as just another part of his job.

The conversation moves on to kissing scenes, with Norton questioning Cavill about his techniques. The actor admits that he has developed a method to make the scenes look realistic without actually performing a full-on kiss. He suggests using various techniques, such as angling the head or using breath mints that make the kiss seem more genuine. Cavill also reveals that he sometimes has funny thoughts during such scenes, which help him maintain his focus and avoid any awkwardness.

Lastly, Crowe shares his perspective on kissing scenes, remarking that his approach depends on the actress he is working with and their comfort level. He humorously adds that he simply tries not to get too bored during multiple takes of the same scene.

Overall, the article highlights the lighthearted and humorous conversation between Cavill, Crowe, and Norton. It brings to light the behind-the-scenes experiences of actors when it comes to filming intimate scenes in movies. Both actors discuss their strategies for making these scenes more comfortable and professional while maintaining a sense of humor throughout.